The Mountain Horse Gait

The Rocky Mountain Horses, the Kentucky Mountain Horses and the Spotted Mountain
Horses all share the same conformation and style of going.  They do an even 4 beat gait,
sometimes called a saddle rack or a single foot.  It is extremely smooth and even -- with
no side to side motion -- and can reach speeds of 12-15 miles per hour.  Some mountain
horses can do a true rack, which has been clocked at 25 mph.  Many also do a running
walk, as do quite a few of our foxtrotters.

Click on the photo below to see a larger version of Gary and Remington Black Lady, our
3 year old, certified
Rocky Mountain Horse and Kentucky Mountain mare.

An excellent online article on the rack can be seen at .  It describes all speeds
and variences in racking horses, but the Mountain Horse Gait is more moderate than
most and has an economy of motion, which is more suitable to riding in rough or
mountainous terrain.

To fully understand how gait feels, we highly recommend researching it.  The best, most
easily digested explanation that I've found is the wonderful book "Easy Gaited Horses"
by Lee Ziegler, available at
or at

The Rocky Mountain Horse Breed Association at

The Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse Breed Association at

The Spotted Mountain Horse Association is at

See Alma deMille's perfectly wonderful videos and articles at
Go to the "Educational Articles" link, then the "Understanding Gaits" link.  There's tons
of information on this website...

More info on gaited horses and Mountain Horse breeds is available at Brenda Imus' at

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